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Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is an urban self-governing body that comes under the Department of Urban Development, Government of Telangana. Mayor and Deputy Mayor are the head of the municipal council and the administrative head is the Commissioner of the GHMC. Municipal corporations are recognised as urban local government bodies under the 74th Constitutional Amendment of 1992 and GHMC is one of them.

The administration area of the municipal corporation is divided into 6 zones and 30 circles in the Hyderabad metropolitan city. The jurisdiction area of the GHMC within the city is about 650 sq. km. with a population of over 8 million.

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Map of GHMC, Hyderabad
Map of GHMC, Hyderabad (

The Administrative Zones and Circles of the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad:

  • LB. Nagar Zone:
    • Circle – 1. Kapra, 2. Uppal, and 3. Hayatnagar
    • Circle – 4. LB Nagar, and 5. Saroornagar
  • Charminar Zone:
    • Circle – 6. Malakpet, 7. Santoshnagar, and 8. Chadrayangutta
    • Circle – 9. Charminar, 10. Falaknuma, and 11. Rajendranagar
  • Khairatabad Zone:
    • Circle – 12. Mehdipatnam, 13. Karwan, and 14. Goshamahal
    • Circle – 17. Khairatabad, and 18. Jubilee Hills
  • Secunderabad Zone:
    • Circle – 15. Musheerabad, and 16. Amberpet
    • Circle – 28. Malkajigiri, 29. Secunderabad, and 30. Begumpet
  • Serilingampally Zone:
    • Circle – 19. Yousufguda, 20. Serilingampally, 21. Chanda Nagar, and 22. Ramachandrapuram & Patancheruvu
  • Kukatpally Zone:
    • Circle – 23. Moosapet, 24. Kukatpally, and 25. Qutubullapur
    • Circle – 26. Gaujalaramaram and 27. Alwal

GHMC ensures the basic public infrastructure, transparent administration/governance, and citizen-centric services for the residents of Hyderabad city. Some basic public services like water supply, drainage management, public toilets, streetlights, solid waste (garbage) management, public property & infrastructure development, and other services of public utilities & civic body development for the citizens. If you have any issues with these services then you may file a complaint using the helplines of GHMC.

The Major Civic Services & Departments of the GHMC:

  • Public Utilities: Water supply, streetlights management & repair, garbage collection and solid waste management, public toilets cleanliness, and other public utilities services in Hyderabad.
  • Health & Sanitation: Management of hospitals & availability of doctors, Birth & death certificates, cleanliness & sanitation of roads, protection from menace of Mosquitos, nuisance smell of sewerage/drainage water, etc.
  • Town Planning: Develop & repair public infrastructures like roads, bridges, building approvals, and planning of new public property development/construction.
  • Disaster Management: Protect from heavy rainfall, fire, and other hazardous incidents & disasters within the city.
  • Parks & Biodiversity: Management & development of new parks, forest & tree plantation, and management of other water bodies & trees of the metropolitan city.
  • Traffic & Transportation: Traffic management like traffic lights, buses & other public transport that comes under the municipal corporation.
  • Trade & License: Vendor registration, dog & other pet animals registration (issue licenses), trade licenses, property tax, and approval of trade buildings & markets, etc.

If you are facing issues with these services of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation then you may use the toll-free citizen helpline numbers, WhatsApp numbers, or e-mail to the respective departments to register a complaint. Citizens may also file an online complaint using the portal and mobile app of the GHMC.

The nodal officers of the concerned departments ensure that your issues should be resolved within the given time limit. If you desire, may submit a written application to the grievance counter or Public Relations Department of the headquarter of the corporation.

Note – If not redressed or not satisfied with the final resolution/responses provided by these officers then residents may lodge a grievance to the Public Grievance Cell and Commissioner of the municipal corporation. Further, you may approach the Mayor and other higher authorities.

How to File a Complaint to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation?


Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is dedicated to good governance in the city so every citizen can get benefits of the public services without facing any interruption or bureaucratic hurdles. If any person who resides in Hyderabad city and facing such issues with the public or citizen-centric services (water, streetlight, roads, transport, etc.) that come under the GHMC then residents can use the integrated grievance redressal system to raise the concerns.

Complaint Registration Fee & Redressal Timeline:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Redressal Time Limit Immediately or up to 30 days (depending on the issue as per the citizen charter

To know more about the timeline, you may prefer the Citizen Charter of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

Each zone and circle has a helpdesk & support control room to resolve the queries & issues of the citizens. You may also contact the citizen service centres or file a complaint to the head of the wing or nodal officers of the respective departments of the GHMC by toll-free citizen helpline numbers or official contact numbers of the concerned circle control rooms.

The Ways that Citizens May Use to File a Complaint to GHMC:

  • Citizen Helpline Number – Service Centres & Head Office
  • Filing an Online Complaint
  • Public Grievance Cell – for unredressed complaints
  • Vigilance Office – for unethical & corrupt practices

You may call the representative officers by toll-free helpline number at the citizen service centre of the GHMC head office or may file an online complaint using the available grievance redressal portal and mobile app.

Citizens may also write an application to the head of the departments or grievance counters of the head office of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Within the complaint application, provide the description of the issue with hits of evidence and attach some supporting documents & proof of the incident or issue. Finally, send it or submit it to the head office of the concerned wing.

Report to the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of the municipal corporation about any complaint related to unethical and corrupt practices of the officers or employees like corruption activities, misuse of official power, manipulation in the reports, harassment, or threatening citizens.

Sexual Harassment Cell for Women: If you are an employee or official member of the corporation and facing any form of sexual harassment by any employee/officers or official members then you may approach the appointed official members of the Internal Complaints Committee of the  Sexual Harassment Cell, GHMC and report the incident within 3 months of happenings. As proof, you may submit any relevant report, images, videos, or evidence along with a written application.

Note – If the registered complaints about the public utilities or citizen-centric services are not redressed within the given timeline as per the citizen charter of the corporation or are not satisfied with responses or resolutions provided by the officers then you may lodge a grievance to the Public Grievance Cell of the GHMC.

Tips – Residents may also e-mail or write a complaint to the Commissioner of the head office of the municipal corporation or joint commissioners of the concerned department to get redressal of the unsolved complaint. If you desire, further you may write a grievance to the Mayor or higher authorities like the Department of Urban Development, Govt. of Telangana.

GHMC Helpline Number

The toll-free citizen helpline numbers of the centralised citizen service centre of the head office of the Hyderabad municipal corporation are operating 24×7 where residents may call to report any issue, or incident or may ask for help for any emergencies within their zones. The contact numbers of the GHMC zonal & circle offices (control room) are also available where you may register a complaint about the problems related to public & citizen-centric services in your area.

Residents may also contact the officers of the respective zones to resolve unredressed complaints. Provide the following information to file a complaint to the representative officers at the helpline numbers:

  • Name, address, and contact numbers (if asked).
  • Description of the issue with hints of evidence (if required).
  • Address of the incident or where the problem occurred
  • Mention the department or officer of the respective circle/zone for public services (if required).
  • Ask for the reference number after registration of your complaint as proof.

The Citizen Helpline Number of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation to File a Complaint:

Toll-Free Citizen Helpline Number 155304
GHMC Complaint Number +914021111111
Officers Contact Numbers Click Here

Note If not satisfied or issues are not redressed within the timeline then residents may escalate/lodge a grievance to the Public Grievance Cell or write an application to the zonal commissioner of your area or commissioner of the municipal corporation of Hyderabad.

HWSSB Water & Sewerage Helpline Number

The citizen helpline number of Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) for complaints about issues related to water supply and sewerage:

Toll-Free Water Complaint Number 155313
HMWSSB Water Helpline Number +914023300114, +914023433933
WhatsApp Number (Free Water Scheme Helpline) +919154170968
E-mail [email protected]
Register an Online Complaint to HWSSB File a Complaint
Officers’ Contact Number Click Here

You may use these helpline numbers and e-mail to report the issues related to Water supply and Sewerage to HMWSSB in Hyderabad Metropolitan City.

Tips If not satisfied or issues are not redressed then escalate the complaint to the higher nodal officers (executive director or head of the department).

Member in Council and Administrative Officers: Contact Numbers & E-mail

The contact number & e-mail of the offices of members in the council of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and the zonal commissioners of the respective zones to raise unredressed concerns or report any critical incident or unethical practices of any officer/employee of the corporation.

I. Mayor, GHMC:

Phone Number +914023262266, +914023227958
E-mail [email protected]
Address Mayor Office, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, CC Complex, Tank Bund Road, Lower Tank Bund, Hyderabad-500063.

II. Deputy Mayor, GHMC:

Phone Number +914023266106
E-mail [email protected]
Address Deputy Mayor Office, GHMC (Municipal Corporation), CC Complex, Tank Bund Road, Lower Tank Bund, Hyderabad-500063.

III. Commissioner, GHMC:

Phone Number +914023224564
E-mail [email protected]
Fax No. +914023260050
Address Commissioner Office, Great Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, CC Complex, Tank Bund Road, Lower Tank Bund, Hyderabad-500063.

IV. Zonal Commissioners:

Administrative Zone Contact Number & E-mail
L.B. Nagar +914024142636
[email protected]
Kukatpally +914023707766
[email protected]
Charminar +914024500254
[email protected]
Serilingampally +914023010062
[email protected]
Khairathabad +914023322978
[email protected]
Secunderabad +914027807321
[email protected]

These are some contact details of the officers of the respective zones and the head office of GHMC which you may use to raise critical issues and serious concerns (emergencies or complaints against the officers of the respective departments).

Tips – Before reaching these higher nodal officers, you may first file an online complaint to get redressal of the issues by the concerned departments of the municipal corporation.

File an Online Complaint

The e-governance initiatives of Greater Hyderabad Municipal corporation ensure access to public & civic services to the citizens with transparency and faster redressal of the issues. For this, the corporation has an integrated online grievance redressal portal where you may file an online complaint about all public services & other issues related to the regulation and administration of GHMC.

You may raise the issues to each respective department and the head officers like joint commissioners and nodal officers of the department will ensure that these problems should be resolved by the field employees or officers of the zone or circle. Always note down the reference number of your registered complaint for future usage.

Links of GHMC to File an Online Complaint:

Register an Online Complaint to GHMC File a Complaint
Track the Complaint Status Track Status
Mobile App Android | iOS
Social Media Twitter | Facebook

Note If not satisfied or complaints are not redressed/solved within the timeline by the officers then you may lodge a grievance or escalate the previous complaint to the Public Grievance Cell of the municipal corporation of Hyderabad. 


Follow the procedure with instructions to register an online complaint so the citizens can get faster redressal of the issues without making any mistakes or delay in the process.

Step 1: Visit the link from the table above to file an online complaint to the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. To open the online form, verify your mobile number with OTP.

Step 2: Fill out the online Citizen Entry Form with the following mandatory information to raise your issues or problems to the officers of GHMC:

GHMC Online Complaint Registration Form filling guidance
GHMC Online Complaint Registration Form filling guidance (
  • Personal Details – Enter your name (or citizen/complainant name), address (select locality, ward & circle), and provide the nearest landmark of your location.
  • Grievance Details – Select the category and sub-category of the issues related to the services of the concerned departments, and write a brief description with hints of evidence & proof (if attached).
  • Redressal Officer – you may use the contact number of the appointed redressal officer to directly report the concern.
  • Upload Documents – Attach the supporting documents like images, pdfs or any other (for videos, mention the link to Google Drive of the uploaded video or any other cloud drive) information.

Step 3: Finally submit the online citizen complaint form and note down the reference/grievance number to track the status. You may use this number for future reference as proof of the submitted complaint.

Step 4: To track the status, you may visit the link from the above table and enter the grievance number. If the issues are not resolved within the timeline as per the citizen charter of GHMC or are not satisfied with the response of the officer, may approach the Public Grievance Cell.

Citizen-Centric Online Services

Some major online citizen-centric and civic body services of GHMC will help to reduce effort and save the time of the citizens like building approval, payment of municipal bills & taxes, verification of certificates, vendor registration, etc.

Pay Online Bills & Municipal Taxes to the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation:

Type of Bill/Tax Link
Online Payment of Property Tax Pay Now
Pay Online Your Trade License Payment Pay Now
Pay Traffic Challan (GHMC) Pay Now
Pay Online Your Water Bill (HMWSSB) Pay Now

Important Online Citizen-Centric Services:

Apply for Free Water Scheme Click Here
Apply for the Building Permission Apply Now
Birth & Death Certificate Apply Now
Apply for No Objection Certificate Click Hete
Apply for Pet Dog License Apply Now
All Online Civic Body Services of GHMC Click Here

Public Grievance Cell, GHMC

The Public Grievance Cell is the highest unredressed/unsatisfactory complaint redressal authority that commonly consists of joint commissioners of all departments, the commissioner, and the Mayor of the council of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

If your registered complaints are not resolved within the time limit by the designated nodal officers of the concerned departments or not satisfied with the final response/resolution of the problem then you have the option to lodge a grievance (by written application, or e-mail) to the designated officers of the Public Grievance Cell of GHMC.

Within the grievance application mention the following details so you may get faster redressal of your critical/serious problem:

  • Name, Contact Number, and Address of the complainant.
  • Reference number (grievance number) of the previously registered complaint (by helpline number or online portal/mobile app).
  • Title of the issue with the name of the department (if known).
  • Description of the issues about public/civic body services/administration with hints of evidence and proof (if any).
  • Attach a copy of the response from the concerned officer of the municipal corporation (if any).
  • Attach a copy of supporting documents, proof or images of any incident or issue.

Submit the written application at the grievance counter of head office or Send it at:

Address: Commissioner, Public Grievance Cell,
Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, CC Complex Tank Bund Road, Lower Tank Bund, Hyderanbad-500063.
Phone No: +914023224564
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax No: +914023260050

After the successful submission of your grievance application at the head office counter, ask for the acknowledgement receipt as proof of the submitted form. If you have sent it by post then wait 5 to 7 days to get the receipt. You may know the status by calling at citizen helpline of the number of the official control room.

Tips – If you want to seek any information from the concerned departments of the corporation then file an RTI to the Public Information Officer of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

Lodge an Online Grievance

If you are not satisfied with the final responses/redressal provided by the higher nodal officers of the municipal corporation then you may lodge an online grievance at the Prajavani portal of the government of Telangana to the Department of Municipal Administration and Urban Development.

Links to Lodge an Online Grievance to Department of Municipal Administration, Govt. of Telangana:

File an Online Grievance Lodge grievance
Track the Status of the Grievance Track Status
Remind or Send Clarification Click Here


Step 1: Visit the link from the table above to lodge an online grievance about GHMC.

Prajavani Online Grievance Registration Form filling guide
Prajavani Online Grievance Registration Form filling guide, CGRMS Telangana (

Step 2: Fill out the following information in the online grievance form:

  • Submitted from – Select the mode submission of the previous complaints to the municipal corporation.
  • Select Organization & Department – Select the district administration of Hyderabad then select the zonal office or head office of GHMC.
  • Grievance Subject – Select a type of issue like an allegation of corruption/malpractices or harassment/misbehaviour, quality or service, law & order, compensation, etc.
  • Other Details – Enter your name, gender, and a brief description of the issue with the reference number of previously registered complaints and also provide hints of attached evidence.

Step 3: Personal Details – Provide your personal contact details like name, city, town, post office, e-mail, etc.

Step 4: Upload Documents – Attach the relevant documents and other proof (if any). You may also provide a link in the pdf to access the relevant videos/images of the incident (if any).

Finally submit the form and note down the registration/grievance number to track the status. Usually, it may take 15 to 30 days to get a final response from the nodal public grievance office.

Tips – If yet not satisfied, you may approach the secretary of the Department of Municipal Administration or CMO office and further, If you desire, may take legal action with the advice of any professional legal expert.

Vigilance Office, GHMC

The Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) in Vigilance Department is a designated nodal officer for the surveillance of different department’s activities and to protect the citizens from unethical (harassment, misuse/violation of laws, etc.) and corrupt practices conducted by any employee or officers of the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

You may write an application to the department of Vigilance and Enforcement of GHMC to report these unethical practices or call the Director/Appellate Authority of the Vigilance.

Address: Chief Vigilance Officer, Department of Vigilance & Enforcement
Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, CC Complex Tank Bund Road, Lower Tank Bund, Hyderanbad-500063.
Phone No: +914023260052, +914023220172 (Addt. Commissioner)
E-mail: [email protected] (Addt. Commissioner)
Fax No: +914023260050

You may report without revealing your name or identity but have to provide proof and evidence which can be an image, video, voice recordings, or any document/witness.

Tips – If not satisfied then you may report to the Directorate of Vigilance & Enforcement, Government of Telangana.

Category & Sub-Category of Civic Body Issues That Can Be Redressed

The list of categories of major issues related to citizen-centric, public utilities, and civic body services that can be redressed by the respective departments of the zonal or head office of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation:

1. Engineering:

    • Request for the repairs for the footpath, roads (pothole) & Nalla/drain, and improvement in burial grounds or report the illegal road cutting, no water supply in public toilets and waterlogging.
    • Submit the complaints related to Nalla/drain like desilting, overflowing, covering or required fencing near or around the Nalla/drain.

2. Electrical:

    • Report the issues related to non-glowing or continuous glowing of Streetlights, the requirement for the new streetlights, and request for update or setting of streetlight timer.

3. Health and Sanitation:

    • Register a complaint to GHMC about issues related to drainage overflow, garbage burning, nuisance while transporting garbage or solid waste, or found any roadside banner, poster, flex, or flags without permission of municipal corporation or authority.
    • Report the issues of birth & death in your area, unhygienic food quality in hotels, and the selling of expired food articles or contaminated food by any vendor or restaurant.

4. Swachhata:

    • Report if the segregation of waste is not done, garbage dump or dustbin is not cleared, garbage vehicles have not arrived, or street sweeping is not done in your area or public roads/parks.
    • Complaints related to public toilets or open areas like toilet blockage or not cleaning, no electricity or water supply in public toilets, urination in public/open defecation, or improper disposal of faecal waste/ septage.

5. Entomology:

    • Report to GHMC if Mosquito fogging is required, the spreading cases of Malaria/Dengue or other fevers in the locality, the spread of Mosquito menace in the locality, or the requirement of spraying in the home/locality.

6. Veterinary:

    • Complaints related to stray dogs/pigs/monkeys or cattle, the ongoing illegal slaughter of animals in your area, or requests to lift the dead animals.

7. Town Planning:

    • Complaints related to the blockage of footpaths, encroachment of roads or Nalla, unauthorized construction, issues of collapsing buildings or walls, or any collapsed public/private property in your area.
    • Request to know the status of LRS/BRS application or status of individual buildings approval, and report about the dilapidated building conditions or cell tower in the neighbourhood.
    • Report any form of encroachment of playgrounds, parks, burial grounds, community hall, GHMC properties, public properties or any encroachment by neighbours.

8. Urban Biodiversity & Lakes:

    • Report to pick up or remove the fallen tree branch or tree fall and request for branch pruning to the respective department. Notify for the requirement of manning and security, required any renovation/maintenance in the park, maintenance/issue related to lakes (water bodies), or plantation of trees.

9. Advertisement & Estate:

    • Report to the advertisement department of GHMC issues related to unauthorized or unsafe hoardings, lack of facilities at the bus stops, nuisance due to hoarding lights, or any issues about air space.
    • Complaints related to maintenance in the market or shopping complex in the Hyderabad Metropolitan city.

10. Sports:

    • Submit a complaint to the sports department about the issues related to the non-availability of coaches and other faculties and maintenance of the playground, sports complex, and swimming pools.
    • Request to repair sports equipment, organise sports camp, provide play material at the playground, children play apparatus in colony or Gym equipment at community hall/Vyayam Shalas.

11. Urban Community Development:

    • Report to the department of Urban community for the delay in Bank linkage to self-help groups, Jana Sree Bima Yojana, livelihood activities (Placement Linked Training), Urban Self Employment Program, registration in AASARA, issuance of ID Card, and self-help employment requests.
    • Request for the government schemes for the disabled and organizing medical/appliances camps or Aids. Report the illegal activities or construction and lack of amenities in community halls, also request for the Maintenance of community halls, old age homes, and daycare centres to the department.

12. Revenue (Property Tax):

    • Issues related to online/ e-seva/ handheld/ CSC payment not updated in the portal, disputes of previous year’s property tax payment, and required any interest or penalty adjustment or change of name/mutation.
    • Report to the department if required for a new assessment of property tax, assessment of vacant land, correction of door number and address or property tax, request for mutation of property, vacancy resumption or exemption, or GIS mobile verification.

13. Land Acquisition:

    • Submit the issues related to payment of compensation or enhanced compensation, delay/objection in the acquisition of property, or issues related to cases in court/ attachment from court to the land department of the corporation.

14. Parking:

    • File a complaint or report the issue related to excess or unauthorized collection of parking fees to the designated officer of the municipal corporation.

15. Fire Prevention Wing:

    • Report if found any unauthorized shop or building without fir NOC, stocking of LPG cylinders in Hotels, or cracker shop in the locality.

16. Construction & Demolition Waste and Others:

    • Report if the construction & demolition wastes are not cleaned from roads or public properties.
    • Citizens may report or register a complaint about services other than those listed which come under the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

Frequently Asked Questions about GHMC

Q. What is the citizen helpline number of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation?
A. The citizen helpline number of GHMC is 155304 and +914021111111, call on these numbers to file a complaint about the civic body services.

Q. What is the toll-free helpline number of HWSSB for complaints about water supply & sewerage?
A. You can call the toll-free helpline number 155313 and e-mail [email protected] to register a complaint about the water supply, water tanks, and sewerage services of Hyderabad Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HWSSB).

Q. Where can I approach if my registered complaints are not resolved by the officers of GHMC?
A. You may lodge a grievance or escalate the previous complaint to the Public Grievance Cell (Commissioner or any designated joint commissioners of the department) of the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and further lodge an online grievance to the department of Municipal Administration and Urban Development by Prajavani portal of government of Telangana.




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