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OYO Hotels & Homes Pvt. Ltd. is a hospitality chain and franchised hotel-based multinational private company.  OYO Rooms operates in more than 80 countries including India, UAE, the UK, Japan, Brazil, the United States (USA), Indonesia, Singapore, and China. The major product & services of this company are OYO Homes, Townhouses, Vacation Homes, Tourist Homes, Silver Sky, Palette (resorts), OYO 360, etc.

Many customers who online book hotels, resorts, living spaces, or any hospitality spaces on the OYO Rooms app or its online platform, face problems like:

Notice - Be alert! Don't disclose the financial or banking details and don't share OTP with any customer care executive. Protect yourself from Frauds and Scams. Report to Cyber Crime Bureau or Call 1930 as soon as possible to protect your earnings and others.
  • The quality of hotels, guest facilities, or extension/cancellation of the booking.
  • Higher charges, payment/refund, insurance claim, bulk booking, or other payment issues.
  • Problems of check-in or check-out, non-availability of any service/staff as per the booking contract, or other hotel issues.
  • Concerns with low-quality services  (food, amenities, beds, etc.), hotel listings, or issues related to hospitality property on OYO.
  • Other problems pertaining to the services offered by the OYO Rooms.

In this situation, you can file a complaint to the customer care executive or support team of OYO Hotels & Homes. To lodge a successful grievance, you can use the toll-free OYO helpline number or may call customer support. You may also register a grievance by using e-mail, WhatsApp support, and online chat assistance using your booking ID.


Customers can also raise concerns or seek help from OYO’s Help Assistant, submit an online complaint, and if not resolved, further escalate it to the appointed higher grievance officer of OYO Hotels & Homes company.

How to File a Complaint to OYO Rooms?

To file a complaint about the issues related to services of the OYO Hotels & Homes, you should have relevant information related to the concerns and also some evidence/proof. As proof, consumers can use booking ID, reference numbers of the booking a hotel on OYO Rooms, payment receipt or an e-invoice.

Complaint Registration Fee & Redressal Time Limit:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Redressal Time Limit Immediately or up to 7 working days (read the consumer charter of OYO Hotels & Homes in India)
Refund Claim Period Within 7 days from your checkout date.
Hotel Booking/ Cancellation Read the guest policy for booking/cancellation of OYO Hotels

After collecting these details, you can initiate a complaint to the OYO support team in the first stage to get redressal of the issues. In this stage, contact/ report by calling the customer care number, e-mailing your concerns or getting online support (OYO’s Help Assistant, Chatbot, or Mobile App).

In the second stage, If not satisfied or complaints are not resolved in the first stage, you may escalate the grievance to the designated Grievance Officer, OYO Hotels & Homes of the country by helpline number, e-mail, or in a written application.


In the third stage, You can file a petition/case against OYO Hotels & Homes to the Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (National Consumer Helpline) or State/National Consumer Court, Ministry of Consumer Affairs under the Protection of Consumer Rights Act, 2019.

Let us find out more details about the grievance redressal system of OYO and the apex government body to protect the consumer rights of the citizens of India. Complaint Hub ensures that each piece of information is true and officially verified as mentioned references to the OYO Rooms and other relevant data.

OYO Helpline Numbers

In the initial stage, customers can call the customer care number of OYO Rooms, India or e-mail to get quick assistance and register a complaint about the issues related to hospitality, hotels, and booking services of the company. You may also e-mail the support team to raise a concern.

Provide the Following Details to OYO Support Team:

  • Booking ID
  • The subject of the issue
  • Description of the problem related to hotel bookings, cancellations, refunds, and other concerns.
  • Ticket number of the previous complaint (If any).

OYO Customer Care Numbers & E-mail to Register a Complaint in India:

OYO Complaint Number +919313931393
OYO Rooms Customer Care Number +911246201600
E-mail [email protected]
E-mail (Insurance Claims) [email protected]

After successful registration of your complaint, ask for the reference/ticket number or note down it if you have got a response by e-mail.

Tips If issues are not resolved or dissatisfied with a final resolution of the OYO support executive, escalate this matter to the Grievance Officer, OYO Rooms of the respective country.

File an Online Complaint

If your desire, may also file an online complaint or get assistance from the OYO support team by using the online customer support chat or mobile app. This is the fastest and easiest way to track the status and get faster redressal of the issues related to hotel booking and cancellation issues.

OYO Hotels & Homes Support to File an Online Complaint:

OYO’s Online Help Assistance Click to Chat
E-mail [email protected]
Mobile App Android | iOS
Social Media Twitter | Facebook

Note If not satisfied or complaints are yet unresolved, escalate this case to the appointed Grievance Officer with the booking id, ticket number, and other relevant information of the registered complaint.

The process to File an Online Complaint:

OYO's Help Assistant to file an online complaint
OYO’s Help Assistant to file an online complaint (oyorooms.com)
  • Visit the link to open OYO’s help assistant.
  • Enter your booking ID to initiate a complaint.
  • Select the category of the issue.
  • Mention your issue and send it to the customer support team.
  • Chat with the representative by providing some relevant proof like invoice, photos/videos of the hotel rooms, payment, cancellation reasons, etc.
  • Ask about the time limit for the redressal of the particular problem.
  • Finally, note down the ticket number of the submitted complaint to track the status.

If issues are not redressed or got an unsatisfactory response then you know where you should escalate this registered complaint, as mentioned below.

Grievance Officer, OYO Hotels & Homes

The Grievance Officer is the nodal officer who is compulsory to be appointed by the OYO Hotels and Homes Pvt. Ltd. as per the Information Technology Act of 2000 in India. If you are not satisfied with the final resolution or registered complaints/issues are not resolved by the customer care team or support team on the chat assistant then escalate these unresolved/unsatisfactory responses to the designated Grievance Officer, OYO Rooms in India or your respective countries.

Mention These Details in the Grievance E-mail:

  • Name & E-mail
  • OYO Hotel Booking ID
  • Ticket/Complaint Number of previously raised complaints to the OYO Support Team.
  • Brief description of the unresolved/unsatisfactory grievance/issue.
  • Attach relevant proofs like e-invoice, photos/videos, or related documents.

OYO Grievance Officer – E-mail & Contact Details to Lodge a Grievance in India:

Phone Number +919313931393
E-mail [email protected]
Self-Help (OYO Rooms) help.oyorooms.com

After the successful submission of your grievance by e-mail to the designated nodal officer, note down the ticket/reference number to track the status and for further usage.

Tips If not satisfied or lodged grievance is not resolved by the designated officer of the OYO, you may approach the National Consumer Helpline of MoCA, Govt. of India and further to Consumer Commission/Court.

National Consumer Forum, India

National Consumer Helpline (NCH) is the initiative of the Consumer Forum, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India to protect the consumer rights of the people. The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), State Consumer Commissioner, and District Consumer Courts are independent authorities where consumers can file a petition against the companies.

If your issues are related to payment, refund, high charges, forced service charges, or low-quality of hotel services of the OYO Hotels & Homes Pvt. Ltd. but these are not resolved or dissatisfied with the final redressal, consumers can call or file an online complaint to the National Consumer Helpline (Jago Grahak Jago).

National Consumer Helpline Number and Online Complaint Registration Details:

National Consumer Helpline Number 1800114000, 1915
Lodge an Online Complaint to NCH File a Complaint

Provide the following details as proof:

  • Invoice for the hotel booking
  • Photos, videos, or other relevant documents as proof.
  • Reason to complain against the OYO Hotels & Homes.

Note – If not satisfied with the remedies or no action has been taken by the authorities of the National Consumer Helpline (Consumer Forum) then you can file an online petition on E-DAAKHIL to the National/State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC/SCDRC) or District Consumer Courts based on the amount of transaction for specific services of OYO Rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions About OYO Hotels & Homes

Q. What is the customer care number of OYO to register a complaint?

A. You can call the OYO customer care number +919313931393 or e-mail [email protected] to register a complaint about Hotels and online booking services.

Q. Where can I approach if my complaints are not resolved by the OYO Hotels & Homes Pvt. Ltd.?

A. In this situation, e-mail to the appointed Grievance Officer, OYO Hotels & Homes of the respective country to lodge a grievance related to the unresolved complaint with ticket number and Hotel booking number. If yet not resolved or dissatisfied, file a petition to the National Consumer Forum of the respective country.

In India, You may approach the National Consumer Helpline, MoCA of Govt. of India and further to the National/State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.




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